lunedì 7 novembre 2016

evpn control-plane for overlay networks

I had the opportunity to talk about datacenter during itnog2. thank you guys!

I talked about the use EVPN as control plane for overlay networks, and how to exploit them to create distributed services between different datacenters.
I also mentioned the use of EVPN type-5 with proxy-arp to reduce distribution of mac-address routes and completely eliminate layer-2, while maintaining compatibility with current clustering and HA solutions based on layer-2 but now distributed in multiple datacenters.


this is the full presentation

2 commenti:

  1. the idea is great and i've personally being advocating for proxy arping at the VTEP side. Another possibility would be to enable proxy arping end to end and disable any type of BUM replication.

    question is... which vendor allows you to do so? I know as a fact that NX-OS doesn't support this scenario (i.e. proxy arp with anycast gateway is not supported and a mean of BUM replication is mandatory config)