mercoledì 27 aprile 2022

modern bgp design

The Wholesale Winery Tour 2022 was an opportunity to meet old and new friends, and to present something new.

"modern bgp design" is a talk on how to overcome the stereotypes of traditional bgp design and combine new features using BGP as a real control-plane protocol.

The target of the presentation are small and medium-sized service providers and the will is to rationalize network resources and simplify infrastructure and configurations. It is then used what I use to call a "dual stage lookup" for upstream traffic, distributing only the default route within the POPs and DCs, and keeping the Full Internet Routing Table only within the core devices.

A single pair of RR is used for the entire infrastructure, exploiting a combination of ADD-PATH [rfc7911] and ORR [rfc9107] (Optimized Route Reflection) to distribute in a targeted manner the only information necessary to maintain optimal routing and guarantee load-balancing or even just High Availability based on a local convergence.

this is the full Presentation