giovedì 11 maggio 2023

BGP is the answer, what is the question ?

In my talk at ITNOG7 I presented "BGP FlowSpec Services beyond DDOS Mitigation" with the intention of proposing other uses of flowspec, as too often cataloged exclusively as a tool for managing DDOS.I built two services to achieve egress engineering and bidirectional traffic steering, using a combination of BGP Flowspec and MPLS L3VPN. Finally I described a framework for creating NFV services that can scale on service provider architectures.
the slide with the requirements and proposed solution are eloquent:

and in the conclusions I try to make people think about how I organized the service

Ivan Pepelniak who I had the honor of having as a reviewer and listener, told me that I should call my presentation "BGP is the answer, what is the question ?" and I find it hard not to agree with him.

This year was a huge edition of #ITNOG, which over the years is growing in form and content, maintaining that spirit of independence and informality that make it unique.

A big thank you to all the ITNOG - Italian Network Operators Group staff for the work done and for allowing me to present again this year, and to all the people I met who wanted to renew their friendship and had the patience to listen to me.

the presentation it's available on my GitHub repository 

with also an extended edition from WWT 2023

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